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If you’re an FBA seller, we have good news for you: Amazon owes you money. Our state-of-the-art FBA refund service is both highly effective and unconditionally compliant with Amazon’s FBA inventory reimbursement policies.

From start to finish, this revolutionary FBA refunds process is handled by critical thinking humans. Our system is as compliant as it is successful, thanks to an automation-free system and a commitment to 100% accuracy.

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Types Of FBA Reimbursements

Lost Inbound

Your inbound shipment arrived with less units than you shipped.

Inaccurate Reimbursement

Your reimbursement from Amazon is less than the total you’re owed.

Damaged in Transit

Your inventory has been damaged on its way to an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Incorrect Quantity Reimbursed

You’ve been reimbursed, but not for all of the units eligible for reimbursement.

Size Tier Change Discrepancy

The size tier for your product changed while you had units in an Amazon fulfillment center.

Removal Order Damaged

You’ve received your removal order, but the units are damaged and in unsellable condition.

FBA Fee Discrepancy

Your FBA fees have been miscalculated for your sales fulfilled by Amazon.

Refund Wrongfully Issued

Amazon issued a refund for a product sold by you outside of the proper refund policy.

Wrong Product Returned

Amazon issued a refund to a customer who returned a different product than was sent.

Warehouse Damaged

Your inventory has been damaged while inside an Amazon fulfillment center.

Lost Warehouse

Your inventory has been lost while in an Amazon fulfillment center.

Lost in Transit

Your inventory has been improperly handled by a partnered carrier and lost on its way to Amazon.

Weight & Dimensions Overcharge

Amazon miscalculated the size of your product, causing higher fees based on an inaccurate size.

Removal Order Lost in Transit

A removal order you placed never arrived at your destination or arrived with units missing.

Destroyed Without Authorization

Amazon has created unauthorized disposal orders and destroyed your inventory.

Commission Discrepancy

Amazon has charged more than the specified amount for commission when your product sells.

Customer Refunded Extra

Your customer has been refunded a higher dollar amount than they bought your product for.

Inaccurate Unit Count

Amazon has inaccurately counted the number of units you sent in your FBA shipment.

An Innovative
FBA Refunds Solution

Our FBA refunds service offers a unique method for discovering every single lost, damaged, or missing unit that Amazon owes you for. Within the fulfillment reports Amazon makes available to its merchants, there is a multitude of valuable data. When we created our system, we were able to dig through every report and analyze these calculations without using any automated software, allowing us to effectively and safely achieve reimbursements for FBA sellers. 


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